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Lust Have: La Perla Shape Couture Red Slip Dress

La Perla Shape Couture Red Stretch Slip Dress

Shape Couture red stretch slip dress by La Perla at Net-A-Porter £265

Always Remember Your Agent Provocateurs

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Agent Provocateur’s new AW11 campaign “Always Remember Your Agent Provocateurs” featuring Paz de la Huerta. Putting the Boardwalk Empire starlet at the centre of the campaign is a controversial move sure to get people talking if the theme itself isn’t enough to provoke.

What are your thoughts? Love it or hate it?
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Bargain Hunter: Primark Denim Balcony and Thong Set £5

Primark Denim Balcony and Thong Set

Denim Balcony and Thong Set by Primark £5

Bargain Hunter: Primark Lace Bralet £8

Primark Lace Bralet


Lace Bralet by Primark £8


Best Strapless Bra on the Market

Ultimate Strapless Bra in Ivory Lace

Ladies, are you still looking for the perfect strapless bra? Well read on, your quest has come to an end. A little while ago I had the chance to go to a party for the launch of Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless Bra and was lucky to receive a free bra in black. In all honesty, I don’t think I would’ve even looked at it in the shops if I’d come across it. The reason being that, as all my fellow big-breasted ladies know, strapless bras never ever hold up properly by themselves, no matter how many promises are made by their designers. I have tried many different brands and cuts in the past and none had ever held in place or provided enough support, and somewhere along the road I just gave up on strapless bras altogether. So you can imagine that when I tried on the Ultimate Strapless Bra, my expectations were pretty low—but it works!

The concept behind the bra is to provide support in a way that mimics the way you would hold yourself with your two hands—there is literally a hand-shaped structure inside to lift and support your breasts. Simple, but very effective. I gave mine its first test run at the launch party and I was so pleased (and surprised) to find that it stayed in place the whole night. Yes, ladies, it didn’t slip down at any point, and I didn’t have to disappear to the toilets to pull it back up. Not once. Neither have I had to on any of the occasions I’ve worn it since.

Anyway, the good news and reason for my post is that Wonderbra has launched an ivory lace version of its fantastic strapless bra, available at Figleaves for £35.

PS: Want to see the bra in action? Check out Wonderbra’s cute Jump, Wiggle and Twists test videos after the break.

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